Practical information


Our pedagogical policy plan describes the basis for our daily work with the children. The pedagogical policy plan contains many appendices. These can be viewed at The Little House or you can send us an e-mail with your policy related question(s).

Pedagogical policy plan


Children have a place in a permanent group with a regular teacher. If the lead teacher is ill, a substitute teacher will lead the class that day. We will make sure that the substitute teacher is familiar to the children so that they feel comfortable. Parents give permission for this during the introductory meeting. We may also 

Permission for reception outside permanent groups

Health and Safety

Our policy on Health and Safety is laid down in clear work instructions and agreements. For example, a risk assessment of health and safety is carried out every year. Together with The International Waldorf School, we also carry out evacuation exercises.

We have a clear policy on medication, and should you wish for us to administer medication to your child you will need to fill out a Consent Form.

Consent form use medication

Meet the requirements

Every year the GGD comes on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague to inspect our setting and make sure that we are complying with rules and regulations. They record their findings in the inspection report

General Conditions for Childcare 2016


We use the General Conditions for Childcare. The LRK number is 223170963, you will need this code when applying for childcare allowance.