Exchange policy, Cancellation or request extra day

Good to know

We want to offer parents some flexibility with their hours during the school year. This flexibility is managed through complex administration. Therefore we recommend that you read carefully to understand how we have arranged this:

  • Only if you have received a confirmation of your parent request, will the change be included in our records.
  • Our policy outlines how we wish to do things in principle; in case of an 'emergency' another assessment can be made - this depends on the situation.
  • We work with a 48-week contract, which includes 40 school weeks and 8 holiday weeks.
  • We count these holiday weeks from the first school day of a school year to the first school day of the next school year.

Please note:

The school year 2018/2019, there are more holiday weeks within this year because it is the first year in which we count the holiday weeks from the first day of the school year. This school year runs from 1 August 2018 to 30 August 2019. This school year therefore has 16 holiday weeks, of which 11 are in the contract and 5 are not. As a parent you have 11 holiday weeks in which if you do not use the holiday day (s) and you opt out in time, you can use it at a later time in the year. The table below is a target table. Due to changes in the contract during the year, the number of days may change.

My child comes 1 day a week 11 vacation days
My child comes 2 days a week 22 vacation days
My child comes 3 days a week 33 vacation days
My child comes 4 days a week 44 vacation days
My child comes 5 days per week 55 vacation days

In our policy you read information about logging out, exchanging and requesting additional days for:

  1. Ordinary school days
  2. Special days, such as a study day or extra short school day until 10.30 hours
  3. Holidays

Policy to unsubscribe days, exchange days and request extra days