Prices 2019

Prices for The Little House

We are currently determining the prices for The Little House.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Opening hours and closing days

Set times for drop off and pick up

Early afternoon 13:00 to 15:30
Late afternoon 15:30 to 18:30
All Afternoon 15:30 to 18:30
Wednesday Afternoons 12:30 to 18:30
Holidays and study days closed
  • Monday through Friday during school days.
  • On Wednesday we only provide a whole afternoon.
  • We close at 6.30 pm.
  • We are closed on study days, bank holidays, and The International Waldorf School's vacations.

Please contact us if you would like to sign up for holiday camps at BSO Het Grote Huis

Exchange policy, Cancellation or request extra day

Good to know

We want to offer parents some flexibility with their hours during the school year. This flexibility is managed through complex administration. Therefore we recommend that you read carefully to understand how we have arranged this:

  • Only if you have received a confirmation of your parent request, will the change be included in our records.
  • Our policy outlines how we wish to do things in principle; in case of an 'emergency' another assessment can be made - this depends on the situation.
  • We work with a 48-week contract, which includes 40 school weeks and 8 holiday weeks.
  • We count these holiday weeks from the first school day of a school year to the first school day of the next school year.

Please note:

The school year 2018/2019, there are more holiday weeks within this year because it is the first year in which we count the holiday weeks from the first day of the school year. This school year runs from 1 August 2018 to 30 August 2019. This school year therefore has 16 holiday weeks, of which 11 are in the contract and 5 are not. As a parent you have 11 holiday weeks in which if you do not use the holiday day (s) and you opt out in time, you can use it at a later time in the year. The table below is a target table. Due to changes in the contract during the year, the number of days may change.

My child comes 1 day a week 11 vacation days
My child comes 2 days a week 22 vacation days
My child comes 3 days a week 33 vacation days
My child comes 4 days a week 44 vacation days
My child comes 5 days per week 55 vacation days

In our policy you read information about logging out, exchanging and requesting additional days for:

  1. Ordinary school days
  2. Special days, such as a study day or extra short school day until 10.30 hours
  3. Holidays

Policy to unsubscribe days, exchange days and request extra days  

Practical information


Our pedagogical policy plan describes the basis for our daily work with the children. The pedagogical policy plan contains many appendices. These can be viewed at The Little House or you can send us an e-mail with your policy related question(s).

Pedagogical policy plan


Children have a place in a permanent group with a regular teacher. If the lead teacher is ill, a substitute teacher will lead the class that day. We will make sure that the substitute teacher is familiar to the children so that they feel comfortable. Parents give permission for this during the introductory meeting. We may also 

Permission for reception outside permanent groups

Health and Safety

Our policy on Health and Safety is laid down in clear work instructions and agreements. For example, a risk assessment of health and safety is carried out every year. Together with The International Waldorf School, we also carry out evacuation exercises.

We have a clear policy on medication, and should you wish for us to administer medication to your child you will need to fill out a Consent Form.

Consent form use medication

Meet the requirements

Every year the GGD comes on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague to inspect our setting and make sure that we are complying with rules and regulations. They record their findings in the inspection report

General Conditions for Childcare 2016


We use the General Conditions for Childcare. The LRK number is 223170963, you will need this code when applying for childcare allowance.


Complaints regulation

If you are not satisfied with the way we do our work, please let us know as soon as possible. In most cases it will be sufficient when you contact one of the teachers. If this conversation is not satisfactory, you can contact Esther Wilzing, member of the board, to come to a solution together. If this does not lead to a good solution, we ask you to submit your complaint in writing to us. One of the partners will contact you to come to a solution together again. If this does not lead to a desirable solution either, you can use your complaint to reach an independent complaints committee via

We have described these steps and the information about them in our complaints regulations. More information can be found via

In addition, we draw up a complaints annual report every year and we publish the complaints letter from the Disputes Committee.

Complaints regulations

Complaints Report 2017


We treat your data carefully and use it only for our work: providing a nice place for your children within The Little House.

We have included the way we deal with your data in a privacy statement.

If you have questions about the way we deal with your data or have a complaint, you can contact us at

Privacy statement The Great House


Who is De Sprank?

De Sprank is the umbrella organisation under which The Little House falls.

Managing partners of De Sprank are Reinoud van Bemmelen, Judith van El, Karin Rijpma, Esther Wilzing and Manon Wolfert. They also form the voluntary board of De Vrije Speelklas foundation and are involved parents in the Free School in The Hague.

Silent Partner within De Sprank CV is Stichting Sleipnir. They work as a common silent partner, together with entrepreneurs from several companies, without the individual entrepreneurs building up private capital. The business assets are contributed by Stichting Sleipnir and serve as a vehicle for the entrepreneurial capacities of the entrepreneurs involved. In this way we work with these companies on an economy that is socially healthy.