In urgent search of

An Entrepreneur After-School Care BSOTheLittleHouse at the Internationale Waldorfschool The Hague. Without this entrepeneur BSOTheLittleHouse cannot open for the children!

The new after-school care center BSOTheLittleHouse is ready to start with a valid LRK number. We are in urgent search for an entrepreneur who would like to work at least 3 days a week in the group and to further expand BSOTheLittleHouse together with the entrepreneurs De Sprank (from, among others, BSOHetGroteHuis).

A suitable diploma according to Dutch law to be able to work  in childcare is necessary.The working language at TheLittleHouse is English but knowledge of the Dutch language is also required. In addition, knowledge of Waldorf school pedagogy is an advantage.

The reception times during school weeks are from 12.30-18.30. As the International Waldorf School grows, day care will be expanded with holiday care.

More information via Manon Wolfert, manonwolfert@de-sprank.nl, 06 4255 7090

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