The Little House

About us

At The Little House, we create a living space in which children come into their own within the group as a whole. We shape this idea by actually being there, with attention and awareness for each child. We see them, listen to their stories, feel what they need, and take care of our second home together. We work from an anthroposophical basis according to the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.


The time that children spend at The Little House is free time, so they can choose activities for themselves and there is no pressure to perform tasks. We give children the opportunity to use their own imagination, to entertain themselves and to shape their own activities. Teacher led or initiated activities are carried out and presented with enthusiasm, and the children can choose whether to join or not. For example, we like to work in the garden, cook in the large kitchen, explore the dunes, or create seasonal crafts. But the main focus is on providing an especially nice space for free play, and from that base we initiate activities.


The professional child-to-teacher ratio in an after school is 1 teacher to every 10 children. A maximum of 20 children may be in the group. The Little House currently has one group and has a permanent teacher to lead the group. We sometimes work with pedagogical staff in training. They are always extra to the group’s child-to-teacher ratio, and always work alongside a qualified lead teacher.

When your child starts

For children who are entering a new group for the first time, it is important that they are given some time to feel familiar with the teacher(s) and other children. In order to facilitate this, the lead teacher will contact you to make an appointment for a welcome meeting. During this conversation, the teacher and parents make agreements about the best way to welcome the child into the group. Before your child starts, you are always welcome to have a look around The Little House. Contact us to make an appointment and we would be happy to show you our space.

Rhythm of the day

The children come in

There are two times that the children are welcomed to The Little House. The youngest group comes at 13:00 and the oldest group of children join us at around 15:30.

At both times we greet the children in the playground and bring them back inside to start their afternoon at The Little House.

Together at the table

After the children have returned inside, we sit around the table and have lunch together. We start each meal by thanking the earth and sun for our food, and enjoy catching up and talking with each other as we eat. At around 16:00 the children who are hungry will be invited to have a sandwich and some juice or tea. These are the two fixed moments of rest in our afternoons together, where it is possible for the children to sit together and share food and conversation.

Space for activities

The rest of the day there is room for free play, homework and undertaking activities. The regular teacher supports the children in playing and offers activities when necessary. She also helps the children to carry out the plans that the children themselves come up with, such as building a hut and sewing a storage bag because a beautiful stone has been found.

Alternation of rest and movement

During the day we pay attention to the alternation of quiet moments and active moments. We do this by playing inside and out, playing energetically and playing quietly, reading aloud and looking through books, drawing, painting or crafting.

Taking care of the house together

In addition to supporting the children, the teachers do light housework, such as washing dishes, cleaning, tidying up, taking care of the meals, working in the garden and sweeping the playground. In this way, the children see that carrying out these activities is part of everyday life, just like at home. The children also play a role in the care of our second home and are given a sense of ownership and belonging as a result.

The children go home

There are two pick-up times at The Little House. At around 15:00 and at around 18:00. When you come to pick up your child, the teacher will give you a short update on your child’s day before saying goodbye to you and your child.


Rhythm of the year

The children experience the rhythm of the year through the celebration of several festivals and holidays. These celebrations take us from autumn to winter, from spring to summer, allowing us to experience that each season has its own unique value and they help us to show gratitude for what nature gives us. These festivals are  celebrated extensively at the International Waldorf School and we extend these celebrations at The Little House.